Open-source solutions to Christian problems.

About Us

Kerygma Digital is a non-profit organization specializing in providing Christian services online through the development of open-source software. It’s our goal that we can aid Christians online in any way possible, from those beginning to learn about Christ to those who’ve had an incredibly deep connection to Him.

While we are incorporated and hold our mailing address in Wyoming, we operate from around the world. Learn more about each director and volunteer below.


Directors are the only board members and are the only people to have voting rights.

Name or UsernamePositionDenomination/FaithLocation
Seraphim R. PardeeExecutive DirectorEastern OrthodoxMichigan, United States
Michelle VossCommunity DirectorOld CatholicZuid-Holland, Netherlands
Cedric WieselSupport DirectorPentecostalHesse, Germany
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