Open-source solutions to Christian problems.

Open-source solutions to Christian problems.

Who We Are

Kerygma Digital is a non-profit organization specializing in providing Christian services online through the development of open-source software. It’s our goal that we can aid Christians online in any way possible, from those beginning to learn about Christ to those who’ve had an incredibly deep connection to Him.

What We Do

Our flagship product is BibleBot, a virtual assistant for the social platform Discord. BibleBot’s primary feature is removing the tedium of searching for verses online whilst in a discussion. BibleBot is used by over 25,000 online communities serving over 1.1 million users, from church groups to groups of a few friends.

How You Can Help

We rely solely on donations, either from our users or out of our own pockets. Consider donating to help further our development, whether one-time or recurring. All cash donations are tax-deductible up to 60%. If you want to get hands-on, or are unable to help financially, consider joining the team and volunteering.

Working toward peace in a digital world.

Our Recent Updates

  • Evangelion Ltd. to Rebrand to Kerygma Digital Co.
    As you may or may not have noticed, Evangelion Ltd., founded in Scotland in 2020 following the need for an ascension beyond the scope of BibleBot, announced a rebrand to Kerygma Digital. Here’s why.

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