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Evangelion Ltd. to Rebrand to Kerygma Digital Co.

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As you may or may not have noticed, Evangelion Ltd., founded in Scotland in 2020 following the need for an ascension beyond the scope of BibleBot, announced a rebrand to Kerygma Digital. Here’s why.

After the attempts of becoming a non-profit in the United Kingdom fell through, we had to divert elsewhere.

"We decided to use the opportunity to survey the field beyond the UK, but still be a non-profit." Elliott Pardee, our Executive Director, said in his announcement. "Ultimately, we decided it’d be best to incorporate here in the US." He continues "we’ve incorporated as a non-profit corp[oration] in Wyoming, US."

The story behind the name.

Later on in the announcement, he briefly explains why the name was chosen. "Kerygma (κήρυγμα) is the Greek word for proclamation, like to proclaim the Gospel (or the evangelion, if you will.) We go about doing these things digitally, and thus Kerygma Digital is born."

A glimpse towards the horizon.

In the most recent meeting, we discussed the roadmap and what 2021 will bring. Despite our recent issues with the release of BibleBot v9.0.0, we’re still decently well on track. There are some exciting new features on its way, like Codename Phuteia, a way to help new believers to find their footing in the faith. I, for one, cannot wait to see them become a reality.

Evangelion Ltd. to Rebrand to Kerygma Digital Co.

Michelle Voss

Michelle Voss is the Community Director of Kerygma Digital.

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